In today’s highly competitive society you can find shining examples of marketing strategies and ‘show-off’ business practices anywhere you look.

Here we believe in simple things that are so often nowhere to be found behind company ‘mission statements’, ‘values’ and ‘goals’. We like to see work done, and done well; we give our best in everything we do and we like to see our Clients succeed because of that.

Our Company and its personnel have acquired significant practical experience in servicing Clients’ business operations in Cyprus as well as overseas. The founder of the Company (Member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants/AICPA since 2004 and a Member of Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus/ICPAC since 2008) was involved in providing consulting services to Clients and resolving various finance/ banking/ accounting/ taxation issues in Cyprus since 1997.

However, there are things that we do not know – in these cases we do not waste your time convincing you that we do. Instead, we go and ask those who do know and deliver tried and tested solution to you.  

Together with our existing network of local and international associates we are ready to provide you with complete, timely and reliable service and attend to all requests promptly and efficiently.